Around Five

A5-01 Natural Brushed Brass

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Notre solution de financement à 0% est possible pour tous les produits de CHF 1'000 à CHF 10'000 avec un paiement mensuel étalé de 6 à 48 mois. Exemple : le prix total d'une montre est de CHF 6'000, vous choisissez de payer mensuellement sur 48 mois. Vous paierez 125.-/mois. Pas de frais. Pas de dépôt nécessaire.
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The adventure of Around Five begins with our sculpture of time, which changes according to time of day. It suggests a different way of measuring time, based upon the sun’s path and its curved outline which appears and vanishes behind the horizon.

The relentless scrolling of digital seconds is replaced here by a poetic and architectural time frame, encouraging encounters. The so to speak slow time of our clock, literally “analogical”, invites to contemplation and to enjoy the present moment.

Concept, design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly carried out in Switzerland.

A5-01 BNBR

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