Head in the stars, feet on the ground...

Ofée is at the heart of one of the most exciting projects around : demythologise jewellery to transform it into something that can be worn daily.

Inspired by the name of her two daugthers : Fleur & Chloé, Anne Bougon-Scélo founded Ofée in 2006. Modernity, audacity and simplicity with an idea, create a «wardrobe of jewellery» that women today kill for.

The sucess stroy begins with the creation of the BRINDILLES earrings, an iconic product of the brand. In 2014, Ofée creates a visonnary and unexpected concept : the Earrings Bar.

The brand plays with the rules of fashion to design sophisticated and urban jewels. A unique style with pure, delicate and modern lines.

Ofée constantly reivents itself in line with the changing seasons and desires: two to four new collections a year, interspersed with limited editions born out of impluses.

Jewel as a discreet and essential extension of the soul.