Pomellato is a unique brand in the jewelry world, the one to introduce the revolutionary concept of “prêt-a-porter” in jewelry. Pieces that are rare, exclusive and meticulously crafted are intended to be worn day and night.

Founded in 1967, Pomellato creates jewels that compliment everyday life and fashion, yet feel distinctive and unique. Each individual jewel is carefully crafted by hand, resulting in flawlessly composed pieces. It is precisely this outpouring of skill and pride that earns Pomellato the respect and praise of its contemporaries and paves the road for contenders to follow.

From embracing opulently colored stones and featuring gold in every hue and finish, to its unconventional and fashion forward elegance, Pomellato is the perfect global ambassador of Italian Style.

Pomellato Jewellery



Barakà is a world made of style, research and innovation, aimed at men who seek precious jewelry with a distinctive luxury and recognisable design.

Men’s jewelry, for example, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks, which are created with innovative materials, including ceramic, carbon fibre and aluminium, or steeped in history, such as 316L steel, and are skilfully combined with gold and diamonds, thanks to the avant-garde production and craftsmanship of master goldsmiths at Muraro Lorenzo Spa, who carefully make each piece by hand.

In addition, the jewelry also stands out for its high technical detail: the best examples being the reproduction of original movements of the cardanic joint and the use of screws.

Baraka Jewellery 


Since the beginning of time, pearls have inspired the imagination and won over hearts – characteristics found in jewelry manufacturer Gellner’s history, too.

This history is one characterized by a love for cultured pearls and a fascination with their extraordinary magic; a love to which we’ve always been faithful.

Today, Jorg Gellner heads the company founded by his parents, Heinz and Tove Gellner, in 1967. The second generation continues this leadership with devoted passion. The Spirit of Pearls signifies the combination of business values and a love for jewelry.

It’s this very spirit that has created a success story between selected beautiful cultured pearls and design. Gellner is a personal name and an official brand; both are inseparably connected. This is the source of our commitment to care responsibly for our employees, their work, and their working environment.

Gellner Jewellery 


A destiny of beauty makes Giovanni Raspini's creations unique. It is the necessary luxury that springs from the heart of Tuscany, for a brand with almost fifty years of a quest for excellence and for an absolutely personal style.

Ideas, matter and labour: the keywords that every day we try to translate into jewellery and objects for the home, creations designed by an artist's love and realized with the dedication of the craftsman.

Our company is located in Valdichiana, between Arezzo, Siena and Florence. Our products are handmade with great care. Processed one by one: designed, modeled, constructed and finished exclusively within the company.

It is with a commitment to style and practicality that we like to convey through the exclusive boutiques of the Giovanni Raspini brand.

Giovanni Raspini Jewellery



LeBebé was born in 2007 from a successful idea of Lucebianca, company that increase its importance in the market in few years, expanding its collections aimed at a specific and demanding consumers.

The initial companys’ concept is simple and remains so all over the time: it’s certainty something special and unique linked to one’s own feelings and emotions. Symbols worn and narrated for people who don’t want to be show off.

The search for elegant and modular design solutions, the passion and attention to the details, the dynamism whose commercial challenges are addressed, place Lucebianca group in a national prominent position scene.

Lucebianca collections are produced entirely in Italy and use only raw materials of certified origin. The first success is leBebé gioielli, a stylised baby girl or boy shaped charm, naturally progressed to rings, bracelets, cuff links and earrings.

Le Bebe Jewellery 


Meister builds a bridge between tradition and the modern: at the Meister Manufactories in Switzerland and Germany, craftsmanship that has evolved over generations stands in complete harmony with innovative high-tech.

Step by step, precision workmanship gives rise to fascinating ring and jewellery collections here, with “Made in Switzerland” and ”Made in Germany” as a designation of supreme quality.

The exemplary carbon-neutral energy concept testifies to the sustainable use of natural resources that are just as precious to Meister as the costly materials out of which the collections are crafted.

Meister Jewellery



From the very beginning, Morganne Bello broke with the cannons of jewellery by creating jewellery with unset, mobile stones, highlighted in their most natural form and finely adorned with multiple facets in contact with the skin.

The meticulous work of our artisan jewellers is almost erased to make way for the brilliance and brilliance of cut stones with no place or back.

The art of waist handled with great sharpness and meticulousness ennobles the gems selected one by one to express their perfection, create wonder and bring a moment of life to light.

Morganne Bello Jewellery



Ofée is at the heart of one of the most exciting projects around : demythologise jewellery to transform it into something that can be worn daily. Inspired by the name of her two daugthers : Fleur & Chloé, Anne Bougon-Scélo founded Ofée in 2006.

Modernity, audacity and simplicity with an idea, create a «wardrobe of jewellery» that women today kill for. The sucess stroy begins with the creation of the BRINDILLES earrings, an iconic product of the brand. In 2014, Ofée creates a visonnary and unexpected concept : the Earrings Bar. The brand plays with the rules of fashion to design sophisticated and urban jewels. A unique style with pure, delicate and modern lines.

Ofée constantly reivents itself in line with the changing seasons and desires: two to four new collections a year, interspersed with limited editions born out of impluses.Jewel as a discreet and essential extension of the soul.

Ofee jewellery



A piece of jewellery created by Pasquale Bruniis more than a simple precious object, it is a work of art that charms with its minute details. It reflects every woman and tells every woman's story. It speaks of character and seduction, grace and femininity, dreams and mystery, force and passion.

Through symbols, irresistible forms and suggestive colours it communicates beauty, love, stars and dreams, sun and light, flowers and poetry. A magical and enigmatic world. The world of Pasquale Bruni.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery


Between creativity and the future, Pesavento tells a new tale of luxury that goes beyond jewellery's previous limits to mould precious material, gold, silver, and gemstones into original shapes and extraordinary volumes.

Pesavento creates jewellery with strong, vibrant, instinctive charm. Objects of poetry that enchant and seduce at first sight.Since 1992, Pesavento has been a point of reference in precious material design, a distinctive name in Italian style renowned throughout the world by those capable of seeing beauty in form and value in detail.

Chiara Carli and Marino Pesavento are the brand's twin soul, the two poles of attraction in a single impassioned vision that has accompanied jewellery culture to the interpretation of today.

Each and every Pesavento jewel is entirely "Made in Italy” and the fruit of research that combines the classic workings of the Italian goldsmith's tradition with stylistic innovation and technological experimentation.

Pesavento Jewellery



1953. Milan. Piero Milano Gioielli was founded on the experience of two young jewellers, Piero Milano and Luigi Benzi. Whilst it is now a successful jewellery firm, both in Italy and throughout the world.

The factory in Valenza still preserve the atmosphere of an artisan’s jewellery workshop.The company is characterised by precisely this love for tradition and the goldsmith’s art.Blending creativity and the expert touch of master jewellers with the most sophisticated technologies, for nothing is capable of giving jewellery a soul like the skilled hand and the creativity of an artisan.

This is the philosophy that underlies the creations of Piero Milano Gioielli. The result is a near-perfect product of high-class jewellery.Each piece of Piero Milano Gioielli jewellery, in gold or platinum, with diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones, is a little work of art that holds a story and tells a style.

Whilst it is now a successful jewellery firm, both in Italy and throughout the world. The factory in Valenza still preserve the atmosphere of an artisan’s jewellery workshop.

Piero Milano Jewellery  


This extraordinary brand of Made in Italy applies advanced technological engineering solutions for craftsmanship and jewel design. A project, the result of over 8 years of experimentation and research into solutions, materials, technologies and design: thus was born an exclusive and patented system in the form of invention.

The creations of Serafino Consoli with a simple touch become adaptable to each style: rings become bracelets, multi-size rings, necklaces and earrings change shape. These are jewels not only to wear but also as ‘ must haves’ because their shape is based on the wishes of those wearing them.

The technology is as simple in use as complex in realization because every manufactured product contains thousands of welding points and over hundreds of components. All this embellished by the use of gold and diamonds of excellent quality.

Serafino Consoli Jewellery