LeBebé was born in 2007 from a successful idea of Lucebianca, company that increase its importance in the market in few years, expanding its collections aimed at a specific and demanding consumers.

The initial companys’ concept is simple and remains so all over the time: it’s certainty something special and unique linked to one’s own feelings and emotions. Symbols worn and narrated for people who don’t want to be show off.

The search for elegant and modular design solutions, the passion and attention to the details, the dynamism whose commercial challenges are addressed, place Lucebianca group in a national prominent position scene.

Lucebianca collections are produced entirely in Italy and use only raw materials of certified origin. The first success is leBebé gioielli, a stylised baby girl or boy shaped charm, naturally progressed to rings, bracelets, cuff links and earrings.

Le Bebe Jewellery