Meisterstück Calligraphy Maki-e LE 88 Fountain Pen Flexible Nib

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Kyoto is a city where traditions live on. As the former imperial residence, Kyoto attracted some of the most important artists, craftspeople and scholars for over a thousand years. Its inspiring atmosphere of tradition and culture, contemplation and dignity generated extraordinary works, which became famous far beyond Japan. One of the bearers of Kyoto’s artistic heritage is Chiso, the leading yūzen kimono atelier founded in 1555. Elaborate silk kimonos created for the imperial court established the exceptional reputation of the Chiso company. For the Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy Maki-e Tribute to Kyoto Fine Craftsmanship Limited Edition 88, with fittings made of Au 750 white gold, the Chiso artists have developed a special design uniting the centuries-old Chiso tradition with another great Japanese craft: maki-e lacquer.

Technical Data
Clip Description: White solid gold
Barrel Description: Barrel created by the hand of a Japanese maki-e master using this traditional urushi technique, with a gold powder motif sprinkled onto a micro mosaic made of the finest mother-of-pearl particles.
Colour: Blue
Writing Mode: Fountain pen
Nib Description: Hand-crafted Au 750 solid gold, bi-colour, flexible nib with special kimono design inspired by Kyoto Craftsmanship
Size: M
Dimensions: 145 mm
Dimensions: 17 mm
Dimensions: 17 mm
Physical Weight: 109.33 g