Patron of Art Homage to Napoléon Bonaparte Limited Edition 92 Fountain Pen

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The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Napoléon Bonaparte is dedicated to a figure in history whose life had a far-reaching impact. Napoléon’s glory lives on in the great “architecture parlante” style of the famous Parisian structures built during his reign. In addition to architecture, other arts such as painting, sculpture and the decorative arts also blossomed under his leadership. The overall design is inspired by the neoclassic style and Napoléon’s coronation. The barrel is made of red jaspis with a solid Au750 yellow gold skeleton grid whereas the cap made of solid Au750 yellow gold is adorned with a special guilloche. The sword-shaped clip bears the Napoléonic “N”. The engravings on the cap top – a laurel wreath, imperial crown and an eagle – refer to Napoléon’s coronation insignia. The cap is crowned by the Montblanc Emblem in mother of pearl. The clip end is decorated with a red garnet recalling the coronation ring of Napoléon’s wife Joséphine. In homage to Napoléon Bonaparte, the handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib bears a design of Napoléon's coronation sword.

Technical Data
Clip Description: Yellow gold-coated
Barrel Description: Red Jaspis with a Au750 solid yellow gold skeleton grid
Cap Description: Au750 solid yellow gold
Colour: Yellow Gold
Writing Mode: Fountain pen
Nib Description: Au 750 solid yellow gold nib
Size: M
Physical Weight: 121.86 g