We can provide the following payment methods: Credit card, Advance bank transfer or Financing through Bob Finance SA.


All credit card holders are subject to validity checks and approval by the card issuer. If the card issuer refuses to approve the payment, please contact them directly to resolve the problem. Jacques Tissot is not liable for delays or non-delivery.


We do not apply any fees for payments by bank transfer, but please be aware that some financial institutions charge a fee for bank transfers. Bank transfers are only considered confirmed once you have received an order confirmation by email.


Financing through Bob Finance SA - A third party finance company independent of Jacques Tissot SA.

Jacques Tissot is pleased to offer “qualifying” Customers the option to pay for watch purchase(s) through a deferred payment option that will allow the purchase price of a watch to be paid in installments without any fees or interests (0%).

This option is offered through BOB Finance SA which is a third-party finance company independent of Jacques Tissot. Hence, Jacques Tissot does not know and has no access to information that a Customer may share with BOB Finance SA in exploring a financing option.

Customers interested in exploring financing options for watch purchases may visit BOB Finance SA website ( to learn about the requirements and the specific terms that may apply to qualified customers, based on a credit review that will be performed by BOB Finance SA.