For generations the people of the Swiss Jura Mountain region have been meticulously crafting many of the world’s best timepieces. Over the years economical events have caused many of these legacy families and brands to contract and combine.

A handful of industrialists and visionaries in the Jura canton have banded together to reverse this trend. Soon we will introduce a range of competitively priced Swiss products. We envision a brand that is the trusted, helpful friend for the daily adventures of active people on their journey from home to their destination.

A 111 years old brand that is synonymous with all of the attributes of Swissness since 1904 and will now become the new standard of quality for versatile, durable, affordable and thoughtfully designed products. A brand that proudly continues the tradition and heritage of quality built by our Swiss ancestors. Born in 1904: SWIZA the next generation of Swiss brand.

Swiza Watch Accessories