Swiss Kubik

The Swiss watch winding technology selected and recommended by the leading Swiss Watch Brands. SwissKubiK innovates thanks to the new watch winder for automatic mechanical timepieces designed and produced in Geneva.

This new Swiss brand puts its know-how and experience at the disposal of quality watch making with the creation of this accessory which will very soon become essential to every connoisseur in mechanical watch. A 25-year long immersion in the world of Swiss watches making has moulded a man’s experience and passion.

In the highest respect of the work of the best watchmakers of the country, Philippe Subilia, founder of SwissKubiK SA, launched in 2007 the flagship product SwissKubiK and the brand of the same name. This state of mind and philosophy are essential in order to understand the SwissKubiK and the adventure at the origin of its creation.

Swiss Kubik Watch Accessories