The Watch Stand

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, The Watch Stand is an innovative company looking to bring timeless design, handmade artisan quality and top-class European materials to watch stands, watch rolls and other watch accessories. 

While watch boxes and watch winders are perfectly good places to store watches over longer periods, the number of steps required to grant you access to your watch makes for a cumbersome experience. This painstaking interaction as you fetch your box, open it, take out the cushion, put on your watch and then put everything away makes you less likely to store your watch correctly when you take it off for short periods. This can lead you to scratch your watch wherever you lay it down. This desire to care for our timepieces is what inspired us to come up with The Watch Stand.

The Watch Stand is a convenient, elegant and luxurious place for you to store your watch, bracelets and other jewellery.

The watch stand